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Infant Massage or Baby Massage is a very old practice in some cultures. It was not practiced in the West until the 1970s.

Massaging your new baby is a great way to get to know your little one and to create a loving, trusting bond between yourself and your child. Research has proven that there are numerous benefits to regularly massaging your baby including better sleeping and settling habits. And the great news is — baby massage is simple to learn and do.

You just observe our therapist performs baby massage in our Melbourne clinic and then try it yourself at home.

You may wonder why massaging your infant is so important. After all, when we adults hear the word "massage" we think of it as a luxurious way to indulge at a Day Spa. Or we think of massage as a necessity - something we after an injury. We think of massage as something that relaxes us and brings an inner peace to our body, our mind and our spirit.

For a baby, massage is all that and more. It is a natural extension of baby experience in the womb. Think about the fact that a baby was massaged and caressed in its mother's tummy for nine months. Touch is the first sense developed by the embryo as it is rocked and massaged in the womb, surrounded by the amniotic fluid. In the womb, the baby was in a comfort and security zone that was so familiar. Now that baby is outside his first home of Mom's womb, and his security and comfort needs have to be addressed in another way.

Massage reminds the baby about the value of being close to Mom. The sense of touch is one of a baby's most developed senses. To a baby touch is talk. It is a way that you can communicate your love to your baby in a way it understands.

For a baby and for a parent, massage is a quiet time to reconnect. It is a time for bonding. It is familiar. It is relaxing and soothing. It is a routine that your baby and you can count on. Infant massage is a profound and pure communication of love.

Recent studies have also shown that baby massage may help the immune system, stimulate growth, encourage better sleep habits, and reduce stress.

If you would like to give it a try, here are a few simple steps to get you started.

  • Book yourself in Melbourne clinic for baby massage
  • Get an extended appointment
  • We welcome your bundle of joy for a baby massage in a beautiful sensory warm and energetically charged Melbourne clinic.
  • You’ll have a piece of mind as your baby is massaged, ask questions and observe how we do it
  • Try yourself at home and slowly build you confidence to massage your baby
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