About Us

Our Mission. Your Goal.

Professionalism, safety and above all complete client satisfaction are fundamental principles of Laser, Skin and Wellness Clinic.

Our goal is to help you achieve a more youthful and attractive appearance and a greater sense of wellbeing. You are a unique individual and we treat you like one, with customised treatment plans and personalised approach. Our standard for service is part of our commitment to you, our client.

Here, at Laser, Skin & Wellness Clinic we only want and have the best of everything: latest, proven, state of the art technologies; most ethical, highly skilled practitioners and the best, most pleasant and satisfying experience.

In our endless (over 4 years) search of the best skin care products we selected three collections that met our criteria. Everyone knows that it is impossible to find one skin care range where all products are great. So, we handpicked specific items from each of the range which actually work on different levels to achieve the changes in your skin.

We chose science-based Skeyndor range for its natural composition and a unique built in “time release” mechanism which allows for the actives to be released from the natural ingredients (such as marine extracts) over a period of time to prolong positive effects on our skin. It is suitable and effective for all skin types and ages.

Cosmedix, was selected as it is a cosmeceutical top end brand which mainly uses exclusive chirally purified component s in their formulas. This is a highly potent, very effective, vitamin based line. We recommend this range for our 30+ clients.

Omveda range is a natural ayurvedic herbal collection which contains pure, clean ingredients. It’s a beautiful range with nourishing plant constituents and divine smells accompanying each of the products. Appropriate even for most sensitive skin types and all ages.

Our clinic is located in a modern clinic in the heart of one of the best shopping area of Melbourne, Chadstone shopping centre.

We offer extended opening hours and 24 hours telephone phone support line.

By the way Laser Skin and Wellness Clinic is not in any way associated with FatZapTM 

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