Rebecca Gibney – Anti-Wrinkle Injections more popular than ever before

Guess what? .. Australia’s beloved TV mum says that “getting injected with the wrinkle filler is no worse than getting a facial”.

Packed to the Rafters star Rebecca Gibney said people shouldn’t be judged on whether they underwent cosmetic procedures or not.

“I’ve had a bit of B word, which these days feels like having a facial,” Gibney told the Australian Women’s Weekly.

“I think even if women want to cut their face and put someone else’s on, that’s fine. We should stop judging each other.”

It marks a change in attitude for the star, who last year told the Herald Sun she was prepared to grow old gracefully.

And so are we at the Laser Skin and Wellness Clinic in Chadstone, with the help of Dr David Powell.

Give a go to the anti wrinkle injections and the new blood plasma skin rejuvenation procedure which David’s pioneered in Australia.

Anti-wrinkle injections from $11 per unit , lasts 3-4months. Approx units per area: (Frown line-15-20, Crows-10-18, Forehead horizontal-6-10, Creases that form on the sides of the upper nose -2-4 ). ALLOW 10-15MIN

Dermal Fillers $550 (lasts 6-9mnths); $1500 (lasts 18-24mnths) – 15-20 MIN

Plasma TherapyPLATELET RICH PLASMA Stem Cell Stimulation $1350 per session. During the procedure your own blood plazma is injected. No side effects. This is becoming the most popular procedure in the modern non invasive cosmetic surgery field. ALLOW 70MIN.

LIPODISSOLVE $750 Max cost per session, most problem areas are usually treated in the session (eg thighs, stomach, sides) ALLOW 70MIN

Call 03 9530 9800 to book obligation free anti-wrinkles consultation.

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