Will discounted Anti-wrinkle injections be sold in Melbourne Myer?

In only one week we have two Anti-wrinkle injections news! Exciting… and alarming!!

The first piece of news was from Melbourne in relation to cure asthma, or at least help improve the quality of life for asthma sufferers. The second piece of news is one about the giant retailer Myer plans to roll out Anti-wrinkle injections services into Myer’s Sydney and Melbourne stores.

As far as we heard, Myer plans to employ an external company to provide the service which is said to cost about $500 for a series of five injections in their Chatswood, Sydney city and Melbourne Bourke Street stores. The full plan is still under review, including the timing of the launch and its operation.

Everyone knows that sales in Myer stores were falling during the year. Myer’s , share price plummeted from November 2009’s float price of $4.10 per share to mere $2.63 per share in June 2011.

This new aesthetic service is aimed to generate more traffic inside the stores and “help revive flagging sales”. Myer spokeswoman said “Research has shown anti-wrinkle injections is something our customers want”.

Did you know that some Myer stores already offer massages, hair and nail treatments, personal shopping and even weight-watcher clinics?

Now, we all know that both Myer and David Jones have already tried to increase traffic by getting IPL hair removal services. In fact, beauty and laser hair removal in Chadstone Melbourne Myer store was one of the first ones to make it happen. Unfortunately, it did not end well. The IPL/beauty segments within the retailers premises were closed after a very short time. It is alarming that Myer is now trying to get Injectables service on board.

Why do you think IPL Laser hair removal segment did not work at Myer and David Jones stores?

Well, we conducted independent analysis and research and asked a few of our clients as well. These are the main reason David Jones and Myer failed in Laser hair removal services.

  1. Many shoppers were uncomfortable to do a para-medical procedure in retail environment
  2. A lot of people were concerned regarding their privacy
  3. Operational safety and standards were also questioned by some people
  4. Equipment used, unfortunately, was not of a high standard and produced inconsistent and/or minimal results

Yes, the Melbourne laser hair removal price was cheaper in Myer & David Jones than in most other places. But you need to remember that it may have only been done to increase the traffic within the retail store and the results may not have been on the list of priorities.

Learning from their past bitter experience, the report is currently David Jones is not planning to follow the lead of Myer with the Injectables services.

You might get a cheaper price for Melbourne injectables, but most of time you will not get a better deal. Look at the big picture. How do we make decisions to buy? We compare:

  1. Price per unit (not per injection)
  2. Who will perform the treatment? Doctor? Nurse?
  3. Experience of the doctor in number of treatments performed, not in years practiced medicine
  4. By the way, did you know that you now need a doctor’s script for Anti-wrinkle injections?
  5. Privacy of patient and confidentiality of information collected
  6. At last, value and pleasantness of the whole experience

Nobody knows yet how TGA will be looking at this issue?

Do you know that TGA has restrictions that the actual name of the anti-wrinkle injection cannot be used?

Well-done Myer trying to get people in! I propose to have operation theatres inside their stores! For liposuction and breast lift… why not? It can be situated somewhere near the lingerie department 🙂 What do you think?

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