Lip Enhancement – Lip Augmentation

Cosmetic lip augmentation is generally consist of 2 items:

  • lips enlargement
  • lips reshaping.

There are 2 major techniques to achieve that perfect and lasting “full lip look”: one is implantation and the other one is the injectable fillers.

Do you want to know how do lip implants compare with injectables?

Most injectable fillers give fantastic, voluptuous and almost immediate results, the only drawback is that they wear off in a few months. That makes them more expensive in the long run, even though they’re cheaper to begin with.

Implants and permanent injectables or sometimes called injectable micro implants. The most common are silicone and A-implant. The results are long lasting however the procedure is more invasive than a regular injection. Once you used permanent filler for lips you can never use other fillers.

So the choice is yours. If you would like permanent yet reversible results, get the regular non-injectable synthetic implants. However, a very full and bumpy lip may not be possible to achieve with these implants. They create more a smoother, fuller type of lip.

If it is a very full, pouty mouth that you desire and you don’t want anything permanent, get the temporary injectable. Be prepared to spend money on touch ups and maintenance. Although, longer lasting fillers are now available for only a slightly higher price tag.

Always make sure that your doctor has experience with the product. Different products behave slightly differently once they’re injected. Our doctor has experience with both permanent and temporary injectables fillers for lip augmentation

How will you feel after the procedure?

Be aware that lips can be swollen and tender for several days. Pain killers prescribed by the doctor should ease any discomfort. Your lips will be sensitive to medium pressure for about 3 weeks. Occasionally bruising is a possibility. Bruises usually subside within a week or two.

Lips are one of the most visible of all human organs and perhaps the most emotionally expressive part of the human body, so it’s hardly surprising that lip enhancement has become so popular.

4 Responses so far.

  1. Mikaela Alescio says:


    I would like to know how much roughly i would be looking at too get a slight enhancement on my bottom lip?

    Regards Mikaela

  2. LSW says:

    Hi Mikaela, Thank you for your post.

    You are looking at $600+ per syringe of good quality dermal filler. Fillers vary in composition, size of syringe and price.

    We would like to invite you for an initial consultation and assessment where your medical history can be discussed and where we can talk about the various fillers so you can make the right choice for your skin.

  3. Lucy says:

    How much for permanent filler and were are you located

  4. LSW says:

    Hi Lucy

    Thanks for reaching out. Please give us and we provide with a quote


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