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Melbourne Anti-wrinkle injections treatments have become nearly everyday news, featured at least few times on Current Affair and Today Tonight in the last month. The most recent Current Afffair episode looked on alternative skin care product to fight wrinkles without the needle. The fact is not many skin care products and anti-wrinkle treatments can beat injections.

According to Associate Professor Greg Goodman from the Dermatology Institute of Victoria “lotions and potions just cannot compete with injections because they cannot get through the skin. They will not give the effect that consumers are expecting to get. They will sit on top of the skin.”

Another interesting study from American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) has published interesting statistics regarding patients who choose wrinkle treatments such as Anti-wrinkle injections and/or dermal filler treatment.

Who do you think the ‘typical’ patient was? Yes … no surprises there.

Middle aged women on middle wage. According to the survey results, she is “a married, working mother between 41-55 years of age with a household income of under $100,000.”

When asked what their motivation was for pursuing cosmetic injections treatment:

  • 34 percent said their appearance looked “stressed” or “angry”. Others said that a friend, family member, or their physician had recommended it, or they were preparing for a social event


  • 66 percent said they received injections treatment 2-3 times per year


  • 72 percent of the respondents chose anti-wrinkle injections to treat glabellar lines – the vertical lines that appear between your eyebrows.

I need to confirm that Melbourne Anti-wrinkle injections clinic had similar findings on motivation factors. With social event topping the list of factors for next cosmetic injection.

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PS> Injections for Chrsitmas what a suprise gift?

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