Mesotherapy vs Virtual No Needle Mesotherapy – the choice is yours


Mesotherapy is an effective cellulite reduction treatment has become popular in the recent years. Meso therapy was developed by a French Doctor M. Pistor more than 50 years ago. In Europe it’s a popular choice that involves injections of amino acids, minerals and vitamins into the areas where cellulite and localized fat deposits exists.

In contrast, Virtual Mesotherapy is more gentle, yet powerful option that is sweeping centimeters away and gaining popularity across the world lately. A non-invasive alternative to Injectables and lipo. Active ingredients are delivered at cell level utilising Mesoscience TM by Skeyndor technology. Clinical studies and our clinic results have already demonstrated the enormous capabilities of this unique delivery method.

For detailed comparison of two mesotherapy techniques read more. Leave your comments if you have tried these – we would love to hear all about your experiences.

Our clinic is a home for both MesoTherapy and Virtual MesoTherapy. We can say with confidence Cellulite Mesotherapy is the answer to boost self confidence in cellulite fight.

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