Radiesse Dermal Fillers. Volumising instant solution

Facial fillers have come a long way from the days when collagen was the only injectable filler available. Today we have a variety of great options for injectable fillers in Melbourne to correct wrinkles and volume loss.

One of the most popular ones in Melbourne is Radiesse ® dermal filler.

What is so special about Radiesse ®?

  • Radiesse ® does more than just “fill-in” lines and facial wrinkles – it replenishes volume and also stimulates the production of your own natural collagen
  • Mix with local anesthetic to considerably decrease injection connected pain (I actually had it done without anaesthetic and it wasn’t too bad)
  • More volume is apparent very soon just after the injection
  • Results that can last up to a year or even longer in some cases
  • Radiesse ® treatment outcome is a natural and rested appearance


What is Radiesse ® filers used for?

  • Correction of facial wrinkles and folds, smile lines (nasolabial folds) or marionette lines (oral commissures)
  • Reshaping of the nose
  • Adding volume to cheeks
  • Augmenting thin lips
  • Contouring of the chin or jawline
  • Rejuvenating back of hands

And again results are very long lasting

Who is treatment ideal for?

Women or men who have facial wrinkles and folds associated with ageing and volume loss are candidates for Radiesse.

In particular, Radiesse is a better choice for people who are familiar with other filler products and want longer lasting solution.

Note, the gel carrier dissolves within a few months and the structural microspheres are broken down through the body’s natural process. Since process continues for several months the initial effects of filler extended for longer period of time.

How safe is filler?

In years of rigorous clinical testing and use by physicians in more than 200,000 patients worldwide, it has proven to be safe, long lasting and effective. However, you may experience the usual side-effects common to injections – swelling and tenderness in the injection site. This normally subsides after a few days and most patients can return to work following the treatment.

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