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Eating smaller meals more often does not help overweight people shed their kilos any faster, according to research that debunks a popular dieting myth.

Dieticians have tested the commonly-held theory that splitting daily food intake into five or six snack-type meals speeds up fat-burning by speeding metabolism.

Some myths are part of our everyday life. Everyone knows them but only a few realise that they are myths and not real.

We are new Melbourne alternative to Fat  Zapping clinics presenting “Busting Fat and Cellulite myths” article.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Sharon Debattista says:

    Hello, I would like to know how much it costs to remove cellulite from my thighs. I am 45 years old but the cellulite is more then what a normal person my age would have. Can you please let me know. Thankyou. Sharon Debattista

  2. LSW says:

    Hi Sharon, thank you for your post. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to comment on the condition of your skin without assessing it first. It is important to remember that total removal of cellulite is usually not possible. Cellulite is a skin condition where collagen fibres in the skin are damaged and the repairative process takes a long time.

    Having said that, the condition can be improved dramatically and the results can be maintained at home long term, providing the right steps are taken. We would like to invite you for an initial consultation and assessment where your medical history as well as your lifestyle can be discussed and where we can talk about the cellulite treatment and what can be expected.

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