New staff in Melbourne Laser

Some of you will know that Natalie has left to pursue her travelling endeavours. What a wonderful, exciting adventure! We are delighted to introduce our two newest staff members.

ayesha ipl therapist

Ayesha started at LSWC about two months ago. She is a fully qualified, experienced beauty therapist and a mum of two gorgeous kids. Ayesha, who comes with plenty of IPL and Skeyndor experience in medical spa, was originally a client of LSWC and is now enjoying her experience on “the other side” and is great at it!





Ali is another beautiful face you’ll be seeing in the clinic. Ali is an intuitive consultant and is offering a number of services including reiki, clairvoyance, guided meditation and life coaching. From the moment you meet Ali you feel some calmness around you. She is a wealth of knowledge and spiritual in-sights.

More on Ali’s Melbourne Intuitive Reading 

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  1. Ayesha Bham (Clinical Therapist) says:

    Wow, during my time here at the melbourne laser, skin & wellness clinic I have become so inspired with the large amount of clientel that continue to truely endulge & treat themselves to a weekly, monthly ritual of clinical treatments.

    Enriching their souls, minds & skin with wonderous antioxidants & increasing their knowledge continously by increasingly keeping up to date with new products, specials and most importantly purchasing a range of benefical homecare to suit their individual needs.

    Melburne, I am extremely impressed with the large volume of calls & everlasting consultations which is just comforting to know, that there are so many individuals out there that are willing to make a change to help prevent, restore & reverse the skins of aging as believe it or not … its never to late to make a change & clearly this has been a remarkable journey to work alongside all you motivated & supportive people.

    Have a truely wonderful new year & hope to see you all soon…

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