Mother’s Day Celebration

Thank you for the gift of life mum!

The one lady in your life that will be there for you no matter what – MUM.
Words are simply not enough to thank them for the gift of life they give ……. Perhaps it’s time to show her that you care too, or just to say “thank you”!

We bring our most popular Mother’s Day Special
BUY 1 Face IPL session GET 1 FREE

  • Swapping Razor for Laser

For those of us who have facial hairs starting to pop up, be warned – it gets worse with age Menopause is often accompanied by fresh fur, so to speak. Since this new growth can be grey (grey hair can’t be helped by laser/ipl) it makes sense to treat facial hair before grey hits.

  •  Photo Rejuvenation

Age spots, capillaries, acne, blotchiness, uneven skin texture & tone, lines.. You name it – we  want to fight it!  It’s a relief to know that these can be helped by a quick and safe Photofacial treatment.  Statistically, 1-2 sessions can remove up to 80% of sun damage!

Take the skin on your face/ chest/ hands  to another level—treat it to a better, cleaner condition in just one 30min session.

It is evident that celebrities including Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, Lindsay Lohan and more—all display clearance of pigmentation photorejuv treatments produce.

Check out their freckle on—freckle off pics!

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