Finding Skeyndor in Melbourne – where else but Chadstone

Why Skeyndor? Besides the fact that Skeyndor is one of very few skin care companies in the world that involve themselves heavily in research, they are also very clever in getting raw natural materials and creating an amazing delivery system while preserving the goodness of organic ingredients they use.

It all started in 1966… Skeyndor products are actually “result driven and innovative utilizing the most up to date Scientific methods” It certainly helps that Skeyndor has its own factory and Research & Development department, so all products can be researched, manufactured, tested and certified indoor.

Interesting to note that Skeyndor models are more mature and present a more realistic image. That is a more genuine approach to anti-ageing and anti-cellulite products compared to other brands having 18 year old models on their ads.

Skeyndor products address the issues of acne, hyperpigmentation, balancing problem skin and supporting the skin’s natural defences as well as other skin issues and conditions.

Another advantage of Skeyndor over other brands is that Skeyndor has a complete range of skincare products at different price points. Therefore, this amazing brand is actually affordable to everyone!

Skeyndor’s top-end product from the Eternal Line (using live stem cells of plant origin) and Platinum range (which produces visible results), for example, costs around $200-400, whereas Q-10 line (antioxidant preventative range) costs as little as $85 for treatment plan.

Any of these Skeyndor products are of course available in our Skeyndor Melbourne shop in Chadstone.

With the addition of Skeyndor Mesoscience technology to the range, Skeyndor is the best and most obvious choice for results driven treatments. In essence with Virtual Mesotherapy we are delivering active ingredients at cellular level (we’re actually able to penetrate through the cellular membrane for the first time without use of needles), regenerating the cell and providing longer lasting tremendous results.

To learn more visit on products visit our Skeyndor Melbourne shop or on line

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