Valentine’s Day Ideas

G-string or XXX IPL HAIR REMOVAL $150 +
1 FREE Vajazzle jewel to take home for the romantic night

Valentine’s Day is just weeks away….

Whether you’re searching for love or planning a romantic evening with a loved one, you just can’t go Vajazzleless…

So, what is the irresistible, glittering Vajazzling some may ask?

Once the bikini garden has been freshly IPL’ed you can apply Swarowski jewels in the shape of flowers, stars, lips, butterflies (and more!) onto her freshly mowed area, or, the more creative ones can design your own shape. These gorgeous jewels are referred to as “Vajazzling”.

They look great and take less than a minute to apply – all for about ten days of pure sparkly pleasure (providing you’re not rubbing the area of course)!

vajazzle Melbourne

Although the designs are ready to “use” each individual crystal can be easily adjusted into shape you want with simple tweezers. The jewel body decoration has become a hit across all nations over a year ago, since the confessions of an array of Hollywood starlets who have them on all the time!

There was also a beautiful story on the net from a Californian aesthetician who tweeted that she did a Vajazzling service on a 70 (!!!) year old lady, who was celebrating her 50th wedding anniversary. How gorgeous is that?? And what a courageous lady. I hope they made it to their 51st wedding anniversary after that lovely surprise, I bet the story was told to their friends many times over!

Of course we can’t predict how your Valentine’s Day will turn out to be but

WE CAN GUARANTEE your Vajazzling experience will leave you feeling fun and cheeky for a while.

And who wouldn’t want feeling sexy this Valentines Day?

So whether you’re planning to preen yourself to silky smooth perfection or are looking for a quirky Valentine’s gift for your loved one, make sure you don’t miss your Valentine’s Day Vajazzle fix.

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