Taking care after laser hair removal

Melbourne Laser Skin and Wellness always educate and promotes a healthy recovery after laser hair removal procedure for all clients. Proper after care plan makes your skin heal and regenerate faster, and can also make your hair removal treatment plan be more effective.

Laser hair removal after care guidelines

  • Be realistic about what your skin will look like after the treatment.
  • Be prepared to wait for the area you’ve just had treated will be red and maybe bumpy. The redness should subside within 2 hours, but the area will still feel sensitive for a few weeks more.
  • Soothing the skin with topical treatments or even a cold compress will help the skin heal restore itself naturally. Some people recommend milk-based lotion, some chocolate-based skin products. I would be interested to know your experience.
  • Stay out of the sun. You’ve just subjected your skin to intense light energy which makes it sensitive so you will need to avoid doing anything else which will irritate the area. Avoid excessive sun exposure (including tanning beds) so that skin can heal and generate a layer of fresh new cells. Use sunscreen on your whole body while waiting for your skin to recover from laser hair removal.
  • Avoid heavy makeup. If you’ve received a facial laser hair removal treatment, the delicate areas of the face may be more prone to breakouts and irritation from even non-comedogenic makeup. Avoid using liquid based makeup to keep skin clear and fresh; mineral makeup offers an alternative solution for skin if you have to wear makeup for a special occasion or event.  
  • Be patient. The recovery from the laser hair removal procedure won’t be instant as we have mentioned. It will take some weeks before your skin gets back to normal and before you see results that you want. Wait for two to four weeks before deciding if there is really less hair in that area. It may take this long for the laser-treated hairs to get to the surface of your skin and then fall out. So, don’t expect your hair-free skin any sooner than four weeks after the laser hair removal procedure.
  • Avoid harsh chemical products. You don’t want to expose the sensitive skin to any type of personal care product that will irritate it and make your recovery slower. Don’t use hair dyes for about two weeks after your laser hair removal.

Your next appointment.

Mostly, people visit their laser hair removal specialist in the month or two following the first procedure. It takes a series of treatments to zap all growing hairs in a particular area.

Laser after care instructions handout is available from the clinic

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