Hair Removal Machines – must know facts

In my previous blog IPL vs Laser and article IPL vs Laser – a crash course  we examined technical differences between laser machine used to remove or reduce hair. In this entry we wanted to look on how laser devices compared in terms of treating different hair and colour types and their efficiency.
The summary of our research on laser/ IPL devices given below

1. There is no consensus on the most preferred and favourable Laser hair removal or IPL hair removal devices. With new system entering the market recently eg ELOS (electro optical surgical system) it even harder to make a choice as long term data is still not available.

2. Each system has its own advantages and disadvantages. Laser, Skin and Wellness Melbourne view is that the hair removal therapist must use IPL hair removal machine or laser hair removal machine for a long while and have variety of clients in order to discover system characteristics to benefit from.

3. Each IPL hair removal device or Laser Hair removal device has different power output/spot size and requires different lengths of exposure, which is also important in the selection of hair removal procedure treatment plan. Laser, Skin and Wellness clinic Melbourne always classify clients according to the Fitzpatrick skin type for safe and efficient treatments.

4. Effectiveness and safety of each system varies. The treating specialist should always refer to the manufacturer’s specifications. Laser, Skin and Wellness Melbourne regularly communicate with hair removal device manufactures for advanced training, hair removal device upgrade and other after sales IPL machine support etc.

5. Proper patient selection and tailoring of the fluences used to the patient’s skin type remain the most important factor in successful and well tolerated IPL and laser hair removal treatment.

For more details on analysis of different systems read on Hair Reduction – laser devices under microscopearticle

5 Responses so far.

  1. Hey, i am glad i came across your site… keep it up!!!!

  2. I like the way you put it. tks for the info…

  3. enrique says:

    i thought i could get an answer to the question in my mind “which ipl macine is best for hair removal?

    but i still couldnt.

    some say wave lenght would be between 800-950 but never over 950,some say best iis larger wavelenghts..s
    some say we have cooler but only have fans for engines ,
    some say my machine is pain free others say if there is no pain there is no cure.

    i wil luse this machine for hair removal only..

    so i m asking again alma laser spa shr;ellipse;quanta systems eterna giovenazza;sharp light;lumenis nd etc..please email me about this..

    i m going to buy a new machine so i will be too glad ..

    ps.for sellers their product is ferrari nd others bycle..

  4. LSW says:

    Hi Enrique,

    Thank you for your comment. It is true – each IPL and laser distributor will tell you their device is the best one on the market. They’ll also give you a hundred reasons as to why and every one of them will sound convincing enough for you to believe them… which only makes things that much more confusing…

    Making a decision to purchase a professional IPL device is a decision that needs a little more than just an “ask around”. Opinions between professionals vary due to many factors. Experience with a particular IPL or Laser device may be just one of these factors. Mainly it’s a matter of personal preference or knowing well a distributor or manufacturer of a particular IPL machine.

    The truth is is takes a little bit of time to learn about the physics of light and variations between various IPL machines and Laser devices for you to make an informed decision. Going by somebody else’s personal preferences is not a good business strategy.

    Knowledge is power and it will help you make it or break it. So learn all you can by reading books and publications on the subject and if you are really serious about it send us an email to find out about the professional IPL training course we offer.

    I hope this helps

  5. kellywayne says:

    I am very glad to read this topic about IPL machine, it also does offer me a lot of fodder for thought. I have my own IPL machine and have used it 3 times and yet, my results are improving with every session.

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