IPL horror story?


The fact of the matter is sharing your bad experience with public is just as important as sharing great feedback and testimonials. You can draw some conclusions from bad and what can be improved for the future.

This email got me by surprise but it was interesting that people came to me for a professional opinion on a situation which happened not even in Australia but in UK.

In this case patient feels she was given Laser or IPL thread vein removal treatment by a medical practitioner with no real explanation on

  • how treatments works,
  • what to expect,
  • risks and side effects

These are the most basic, obvious topics that are an essential part of any professional aesthetic consultation.

As we were not there at the time of incident we can really only speculate on what actually happened. It is possible that practitioner in question simply had no time for a full consultation and client interaction prior to the treatment.

However, it is also possible that the practitioner, knowing that client is not going to come back for further treatments, decided to bump up the settings for a better outcome and this is what happened.

Either way the client had to be warned about the pain factor and expectations needed to be managed appropriately.

Back to the story of the suffer who “found the experience excruciating and went into shock and experienced symptoms of a panic attack.” Even next morning “she could barely open her eyes with the massive swelling all over her face/cheeks/eyes”

As I have not been present at the time situation occurred, I could only comment along these lines

  1. Proper consultation with a client is key to successful and safe practice
  2. At consultation customer has a chance to ask all relevant and not really relevant question.
  3. When you decide to go for a treatment of this nature you need to feel comfortable with the operator, you need to be able to trust them with some of your most important aesthetic dilemmas and issues
  4. At consultation the specialist should determine and do skin analysis and develop treatment plan and treatment protocols
  5. Certainly it is of utmost importance to do thorough research into the practice and clinicians you are going to be treating with before undergoing the actual IPL treatment.

REMEMBER: Only go ahead and book for a treatment if you feel COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE with the IPL/ laser clinician and ALL YOUR QUESTIONS were ANSWERED!

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  1. Linnea says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on ipl hair removal Melbourne.


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