Which IPL machine is the best to get?

Another question from my clients attending IPL training course come out all the time “Which IPL machine is the best to get? What would I need to spend to set my self up with an IPL machine?”

“There is no easy answer to this. With over 70 machines on the Australian market at the moment and the number’s growing with all the imported machines the decision can sometimes be tough. Prices are quite competitive too with resellers trying to undercut one another and this makes it even harder to make up your mind.

I provide IPL professional consulting service where I sit down with the business and we work out the finances on hand, what you can buy and what each different machine can do for you and most importantly why.

Additionally it is essential to understand physics of light and just how different manufacturers create their machines and cut their costs to pass on savings to you. Although the technology is the same, equipment varies and so do results. More detailed analysis on IPL and laser machine

I do not have any affiliations with any particular IPL/ laser manufacturer and distributors so my advice is solely based on personal and professional experience which I happily share with my clients.

In any business it is not just important to recruit and retain a client, it is also important to save on your outgoings,  consumables and IPL machine service. My aim is to help minimise my client’s expenses, that’s what they pay me for.”

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