IPL training – Guide to IPL hazards and safety

Recently someone asked me why IPL therapist uses different IPL Shades when performs IPL treatments? I was surprised that the question comes from a person registered as Laser Safety operator and who undertook accredited course. She was not confident enough to use IPL machine on her own and came to enquire about our Comprehensive IPL training program.

That was a simple question to answer. The higher the shade number the greater the protection and the lower the visibility. We advise to use shade 3 eyewear for the clinician / operator, and Shade 5 eyewear for the patient. There are also other eyes safety measures and standards you need to be aware. This would be another post.

I am also told that most of IPL training courses (even those accredited in Australia) do not cover the important Eye Safety regulations for operators and patients. Other important topics of safe use of IPL devices include that are not even mentioned or covered not in details on course providers were:

  • Reflection and light absorption hazards
  • Client risk assessment
  • Incidental hazards
  • Equipment management and maintenance

These are of course covered in our IPL training program and IPL Professional Support.


The two greatest obstacles to learning that I occasionally come across are:

 I already knew that and I disagree.

Of course this doesn’t mean you should believe everything you hear or read. It means you need to keep an open mind, and resist the urge to instantly dismiss things, no matter how unimportant or insignificant they may seem to you at the time. Try to be open to new ideas and experiences and be prepared to get out of your comfort zone.


Our aim as IPL trainer is to provide IPL Training / Laser Training  and IPL Professional support in Melbourne and in Australia. We support and guide you and help build your confidence in performing safe and effective IPL treatments for your patients.

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