Customer service?? Anyone?? IPL machine buyer warning

It was a lovely day at the beauty expo in Melbourne on Sunday. I had a great time with my two friends and colleagues… Until I was shocked with possibly one of the worst customer service experiences..

I went around collecting information on any new laser hair removal and IPL devices that I may not have seen before. I like to educate myself, especially because I constantly train students on different IPL devices.. so I need to know what’s happening and keep my knowledge up to date..

So, my typical approach was to come up to new IPL machine distributor and to introduce myself and explain that I’m an Melbourne IPL trainer and would like to get some technical data and if possible, even a manual on these new to me IPL devices to keep my knowledge in tip top condition, so to speak. I met some lovely new people and found out a lot about new technology, until I came across this new distributor….

When I approached their stand I was greeted by the owner of the company who immediately shoved a brochure into my hands and said something along these lines: “Here, these are our great machines and here we have a fantastic technician who can fix anything and he’s really good. Come over here, we can sell you some really good machines, how much did you pay for yours? Oh!! What?? About 100K??? Hahaha!!! Do you know how many we can sell you for 100K??? Come I show you now….” Very forceful indeed….

Well, I took a moment of pause and explained that I wasn’t actually shopping for a device because mine was just great and guess what? The chatter stopped immediately, the person’s eyes became a little empty and their whole body turned to a side and I was never spoke to or looked at again! Can you believe it? Instead, I watched the same person doing the exact same thing (including the well rehearsed wording) to a poor unsuspecting beauty therapists standing next to me. How funny… funny and sad.

This little episode got me thinking…. So many IPL manufacturers just stop being interested in you once you hand over your money. It’s unfair to you, the purchaser, so unfair! You put all your faith into them and get dumped as soon as the deal’s done!

I urge you to research your IPL device as well as the distributor and IPL machine manufacturer to ensure you’re protecting your investment.

We pride ourselves on providing the best IPL training course and business tools for any newcomer to the industry. And although we do not sell any IPL devices, we can certainly point you in the right direction for quality distributors who can provide the best after sales support.

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