The Scoop on Laser and Laser technology

Since the first lasers were approved for the use of hair removal in early-mid 90s, dramatic changes and advances have occurred in laser technology. Several types of laser devices have been developed for the treatment of various skin conditions and excessive hair growth.

Laser is a high-energy beam of light that can be directed into certain areas or tissues within the skin. These beams of light are produced in one (Laser) or in a range (IPL) of wavelength and colour at a time, and can vary in terms of their strength and the type of tissue that they can target.

Ablative Lasers or laser skin resurfacing lasers briefly direct intense bursts of light energy onto the surface of the skin causing the outermost layers of the skin to be removed. The skin then heals over a period of time, as new layers of skin and collagen are produced.

Non-Ablative Lasers do not harm or burn off the top layer of the skin as opposed to ablative lasers. Nonablative laser and light treatments such IPL are now the treatment of choice for problems like broken capillaries, redness, facial flushing and hair removal.

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With little or no downtime and a much lower risk of side effects and complications IPL vs Laser is a more versatile and the most cost-effective solution available for the consumer today.

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