How to know whether ipl or laser treatment is the right option for you?

I noticed that one of the most positive developments in the recent years has been that women are now more willingly access new technology. I feel this is due to increasing affordability and desire to feel more attractive and achieve a mote healthy looking, radiant skin.

However, conflicting information, advertising hype and confusing jargon can make it difficult to choose the right permanent hair reduction clinic. The more information needs to be digested the worse it gets…

We understand your need for honest straightforward information

How do we work out and recommended laser treatment that is right and effective for you?

Firstly, skin examination and analysis. Depending on the skin color you have and your skin type, we can determine if you are a good candidate for laser treatments. We also examine your hair type and thickness and take care to learn about your medical history.


Next question on the agenda usually is: Should I be concerned about the safety of laser hair removal treatments?

We don’t believe you should! Not at all! The laser procedure has been approved by the FDA and TGA with the recommendation that the actual hair removal procedure only be performed by trained technician. The hair removal treatment involves a small laser beam which is used to destroy and eliminate the hair follicles. It only penetrates a few mm into the skin where it’s absorbed almost in full by the hair follicle leaving soft tissue alone.

Our state of the art European IPL technology is approved for use on different skin types.

nearly every person can benefit from
laser hair treatments

We specialise on dark Indian skin and Asian skin. Not many laser clinic Melbourne do.

The estimated cost of laser treatments varies according to the treatment area size combined with time taken to get laser skin treatment done.

Use your free laser consultation wisely. Get all your questions answered.

We will discuss your medical history, and the goals you have for your skin, and will together develop a plan of action based on your particular needs. The customized laser skin treatment plan that is based on science, independent clinical data and results, not “hype”.

By following a specially prescribed home care system, and treatments in our Melbourne laser centre, we can give you the skin you have always wanted.

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