Why us for your next IPL training?

It’s seems like Chadstone Wellness Blog slowly transferred to FAQ section. Because so many people asking the same questions all the time in direct emails and phone calls we decided to post few most frequent for your comments. So the question is:

How’s IPL training from Laser, Skin and Wellness Melbourne Chadstone differed to others?

“In my opinion the general trend in the industry is to train theory mainly. When I entered the industry I felt there was not enough time spent discussing and doing more practical sides of the service as well as the business.

The feeling I got was everyone was too scared and too reluctant to share their knowledge, which I think is a big mistake because that’s how the industry gets a bad name. For that reason, after some extensive training overseas (what I had here was not enough for me) I created my own course.

I train here in Melbourne as well as all over Australia and the course is usually one-on-one which allows me to pay a lot more attention to any particular area of the training. Additionally, all IPL training is fully customised which means we can spend more or less time on any unit eg. If you’re good with anatomy and physiology then we might spend more time on practical or on physics of light etc.

Additionally this course is the only course which gives you professional IPL support after you have completed your training. This means you are not left on your own and you can get professional support whenever you need it. So, it’s not just the training you get, you also get support and help whenever you need it.”

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  1. R C BOUER says:

    I live in sout Africa,could you supply me with any on line training for the IP L MACHINE.?

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