Pubic Hair Removal – Reasons Why Women are removing pubic hair

Recently, an interesting study come to my attention. A study was conducted to define connection between pubic hair removal and gaining back your confidence in females.

The results were:
(a) 63% of clients reported feeling “sexier” with minimal/no pubic hair.
(b) 75% of clients reported “aesthetic” as a major reason for removing their
pubic hair.
(c) 71% reported “hygiene” as a major reason for removing pubic hair.
(d) 17% reported “cultural” as a major reason for removing their pubic hair.
(e) 60% of clients reported experiencing greater sexual pleasure with
minimal/no pubic hair.

Most women who have undergone IPL hair removal at Melbourne Laser, Skin and Wellness Clinic have also reported the following benefits:

  • Skin is a lot smoother and softer
  • Boils and pimples from ingrown hairs have gone
  • Ingrown hairs completely disappeared
  • No discoloration on area reported, quite the opposite – more even skin tone
  • Hair growth gone at least 85-90% with fine fluff-like hairs growing slowly over many months
  • Results are evident even after just one session

Having a bikini area that is free of hair, irritation, and discoloration is every girls dream.

Melbourne share what you found or lost after you removed your hair from pubic area?

3 Responses so far.

  1. Bikini Wax says:

    There are lots of different methods of pubic hair removal but laser removal is the only permanent one i think. They make easy to use creams that are completely safe and are pain free to use and are also very inexpensive. Shaving is probably the most inexpensive way but it is the least effective. Then waxes are effective but can be quite painful. My personal favorite is the hair removal cream.

  2. Hiltseats says:

    I really enjoyed reading this article, keep up posting such interesting articles!!

  3. LSW says:

    With IPL bikini line/ pubic hair removal you can avoid cuts, irritation, redness, boils, pimples, ingrown hairs and any discomfort. I must admit IPL hair removal is one the most effective procedures available today for getting rid of unwanted or excessive hair.

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