Are You still shaving unwanted hair?

Melbourne Check Out These New Stats

A survey recently released by American Laser Centers claims that every month, an average female shaves approximately 12 times and spends $15.95 on the process.

Does this seem about right to you?

And here are even more of the survey’s findings:

  • Over the course of their lifetime, women will shave 7,718.4 times and spend $10,000 related products.
  • The average shaving session takes 10.9 minutes.
  • Majority of women shave 1-2 times each week, but 11% of women shave every day.
  • Shaving is the most used hair removal method (58%), followed by waxing (21%) and depilatory creams and lotions (18%)

Unfortunately, they did not give a breakdown of age but did mention they surveyed 540 women who were aged between 18 and 65

Shaving might be quick and easy to do but the risks involved in shaving makes it an unattractive option for many women.

Would you prefer dots on your face or
five-o’clock shadow effect?

Some may argue that shaving is also inexpensive method of hair removal. However over lifetime IPL hair removal is most competitive in regards to cost and effectiveness.

Melbourne Laser Skin and Wellness competitive IPL prices will ensure you get a great treatment at a great price. IPL is effective hair removal on dark hair and most skin types. For best results, multiple treatments are required.

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