Acne treatments tax …

Have you heard the news? South Korea will tax acne treatments!!

Who has the right to tax your pimple outbreak? In South Korea, it is the finance ministry.

A new tax system imposing a 10% tax on treatments and surgeries having to do with appearance and beauty will go into effect this month. This so-called beauty tax not only includes plastic surgeries such as nose job, double-jaw surgery or lip augmentation, but also ordinary skin care, such as acne treatment – what an outrage!

Here are some tweets from the frustrated public:


  • As if it is not bad enough to have acne and hair loss. Now, we have to pay a tax for having those.
  • Wow… How far will they go? Will the next step be taxing nail care and body slimming? It is not a sin to have some pimples

The Korean Medical Association circulated a poster explaining their frustration. The first sentence in bold letters explains that it is not the medical professionals, but the finance ministry who is making a judgement call on how to understand acne – not as a serious skin condition, but as a beauty-related inconvenience.

What about Laser Skin & Wellness Clinic?

In an effort to support the worldwide message “BEAUTY TAX IS NOT ON“, we pay your tax (GST) on all acne related treatments.

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