Butt Facial – Melbourne new trend

In 2007 salons in Beverly Hills (where else) began to give facials – Butt Facials to their clients. Then the trend took off and quickly spread to other salons and clinics throughout the States.

Some comments we heard

  • “What a stress reliever and so relaxing”
  • “Tighter and more uplifted butt and that’s all I really want”
  • “The silhouette of my body changed so much … for better”

We also heard that Pamela Anderson Baywatch girl has treated with BUM Facial before wearing red hot swim suit.

Laser, Skin and Wellness Chadstone Melbourne designed our own butt facial or bum facial routine. What does a butt facial involve follow the link.

You can add Cellulite MesoScience Treatment or Butt Tightening to get your bottem tightened and reshaped.

Sound good? Like to get it done?

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