The tricks celebs use to keep their glow

Kate Moss, J Lo, Miley Cyrus, and Rihanna look flawless on magazine covers, but un-retouched paparazzi pictures prove that even stars are not immune to fine lines, sunspots, acne and other skin imperfections!

Even though they have access to the latest, most cutting-edge cosmetic treatments and technologies, after a little digging I discovered that celebrities often rely on some simple and pretty inexpensive skin-saving tips and treatments that we can all easily access.

For real people like you and me, it’s not about photo shoots with professional lighting, makeup glam-squads, and airbrushing… Getting your skin to its best glowing state starts with these simple easy tips and treatments.

Ready for the truth? Let’s chat about how celebrities’ ways to flawless skin. Here are these basic, affordable, cutting-edge tips and tricks they use:


Celebrity skin saver tip #1: Exfoliated skin looks best

Benefits: Smoother, cleaner, more polished look. Make up glides on and sits better on exfoliated skin

At home: Use quality scrub or peel at home. Frequency depends on your skin, consult your therapist for optimum results

In clinic: While home scrubs will help upkeep your skin, the best way to ensure flawless look is to opt for microdermabrasion or peel treatment. Depending on your skin’s thickness and condition these two are the fastest and most affordable ways to get your skin back on track. Better, smoother looking skin, reduction in small scars and greater product penetration are just some of the benefits of removing skin-dulling sediment. Peels and microdermabrasion are not painful and the results are instant – your skin will looks fresh and feel super smooth. Both treatments can also help spots and dark patches caused by fluctuations in hormone levels and sun exposure and past breakouts. Professional treatments are priced from $129

Tips: Aim at exfoliating in the afternoon or evening as the top layer of the skin has a protective function (sun, environment). After exfoliation ensure that high potency serums are applied (to get the benefit of enhanced absorption). For best results finish off with a quality mask and moisturiser.

Picture: Celebrities are people too. When we get stressed, our skin shows it and can respond with an acne breakouts.


Celebrity skin saver tip #2: Hydrate from the inside out

Benefits: To function best skin needs water. Clean, cool refreshing water, 8 glasses a day will help your skin maintain its moisture reserves and will ensure it always looks fresh and youthful


At home: Keep up your beauty regimen with quality creams. Use of moisturisers are important. Moisturisers stop trans epidermal water loss by “locking” water in your skin, particularly if you live in cooler, dryer climates. Install a good alkalising filter if you budget permits, or just use alkalising sticks ($9ea)

In clinic: You can boost your skin’s hydration levels with hydrating salon treatments. Professional treatments cost only $99 (express) and $129 (1hr)

Tips: Aim at having your first 4 glasses of water before midday. The easiest way to do it is to drink 2 glasses when you wake up (this has the added benefit of getting your metabolism running). Try not to drink too much before going to bed. It’ll reduce amount of work your kidneys need to do in the night (it’s rest time for them as well, tissue regenerates at night) and it’ll save you waking up to go to toilet.  Ensuring adequate water intake enables your system flush out the toxins and keeps your skin beautiful and hydrated. Aim for filtered alkalised water (of approx 8-8.5pH).

Picture: Kate Moss, 39, looking ageless and flawless (although it is probably a touched up photo) and Kate Moss, 39, without makeup and showing dehydrated, dull looking skin with some acne and fine lines.

Celebrity skin saver tip #3: Collagen is your best friend

Benefits: Oh! Where do I start?? Collagen is everything! Ever wondered why kids have such smooth beautiful skin? One of the reasons is that young skin has a constant production of large amounts of collagen and elastin, the main structural proteins in skin’s connective tissue. In your 20s and 30s when your body’s collagen reserves start to naturally deplete you can start seeing fine lines and wrinkles. Boosting collagen and elastin production will ensure your skin looks its best, functions at optimum level and ages slower.

At home: Some creams contain collagen. However, it’s  completely useless because human’s skin can’t actually absorb collagen! So don’t get caught up in the marketing hypes and aim for options that have substance to them. Probably the best form of collagen and elastin enhancing practices you could aim for is a home skin needling roller ($99 titanium roller)

In clinic: If you are serious about collagen and elastin synthesis in your skin, you would want to aim for treatments such as IPL/Laser ($199); MesoEclat ($250); or Skin needling ($300). By getting regular rejuvenating treatment (any of the three I mentioned) you can get your skin to its absolute best condition. You will be able to boost your skin’s collagen and elastin reserves from the inside, making your skin more resilient, elastic and youthful looking.

Tips: Getting regular photo facials (IPL/ Laser treatments) will help diminish the appearance of rosacea and clear acne breakouts. However, getting treated too often will denature the young collagen without allowing it to grow stronger. IPL treatments are best done monthly. Aim for 4-6 sessions all up but not less than 4 weeks apart. MesoEclat treatments are best done every week or two. Skin needling sessions must be 8 weeks apart.

Picture: Jenifer Lopez “FACE LIFT” without going into surgery achieved impressive strength with a record recovery

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