Advice on how to cleanse your skin clean
December 19, 2008 skin

From time to time I’m asked about best ways of cleansing skin. I have been taught and shown many ways from special clothes to sponges, acids to foaming agents and everything in between.

Today, most of us are really busy and we simply don’t have time for a 5 step skin care rou-tine. It has to be simple or we won’t stick to it! Let me share what I have found to be the most simple and effective way that not only cleanses but also gently exfoliates skin.

  1. Place a bit of cleansing gel on a dump piece of gauze
  2. In round motions go over your face, don’t rub too hard, be gentle
  3. Rinse with water, repeat & rinse again. Your skin will be clean & polished
  4. Don’t forget to apply cream or serum to nourish and feed your skin

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