How cosmetic tattoo changed my life

Girls in Melbourne Cosmetic Tattoo changed my life. I no longer have to head to the bathroom first thing in the morning to draw on my eyebrows before anyone sees me.

I can swim, snorkel, play tennis and always be confident that my brows are still intact.

Eyeliner and lips have been great also as it takes no time at all to get ready in the morning or night.

I know even if it’s a hot day or if I cry, rub my eyes, drink or eat, my make up has not smudged or come off.

I can still add to my permanent make up if I want to look more dramatic at night or even change the colour of my lips and eyeliner.

Some other convincing reasons to have Permanent Makeup

  • hair loss on brows
  • loss of definition on lips
  • poor eyesight
  • shaky hands
  • busy lifestyle
  • sporting people
  • just not skilled at applying make up

At the Melbourne Laser Skin and Wellness Chadstone Centre there is a special coming up in December and January.

Have 1 procedure 

Receive the 2nd at half price !!!!

* procedure of least value half price
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