Why facial exfoliation plays major role in Skin Fitness?

It doesn’t matter how much and how expensive is your moisturiser, if you don’t exfoliate on a regular basis your skin is unable absorb its benefits. Dead skin cells, oil, pollution and other types of waste products get accumulated on your face. Unless this waste is removed, the unwanted build up continues causing your face to appear dull, sluggish, tired and more vulnerable to outbreaks of whiteheads, blackheads and pimples

What to do for a beautiful skin?

Fortunately, there is an easy way to prevent this from happening whilst at the same time keeping your face looking young, fresh and healthy. It’s called exfoliation. In short, exfoliation is the removal of the oldest dead skin cells that stick to outermost surface. When done properly, it will leave your skin feeling smoother and fresher looking. It also frees the skin from congestion and blackheads.

Ways to exfoliate?

There are number of ways for facial exfoliation. Usually, this is done with some kind of facial scrub where the skin is literally scrubbed with an abrasive cream or lotion, although it can also be done with chemicals or enzymes depending on your age, skin type and the kind of results that you would like to achieve.

The first tip when it comes to facial exfoliation is to be gentle and to not overdo it. The skin on your face, especially around your eyes and lips, is a lot more delicate than other parts of your body and so it needs to be treated with care.

If you exfoliate too hard, or use exfoliating creams too often, you could end up doing yourself more harm than good by disrupting the delicate pH balance of your skin and accelerating the aging process of the face.

Every skin type responds to exfoliation differently, so how you exfoliate your skin will be unique to you. That is where experience and skin knowledge comes handy.

Skin fitness program

6 steps customised skin fitness program, individually tailored treatments designed to give you great experience unique for you.

  1. Skin Analysis & Skin Care review to identify primary/ secondary skin concerns, set goals and design customised treatment plan + presor therapy
  2. Microdermarbrasion, Peel or Custom Clinical facial to polish away accumulated debris & make way for skin care active ingredients
  3. Medical Strengthening or Rehab Infusion facial to treat skin issues on cellular level + lymph drainage presor massage
  4. Brightening Medi facial with facial peel to enhance cellular turnover & improve skin tone, texture & elasticity
  5. IPL photo Rejuvenation to reduce sun damage, capillaries and fine lines for visible skin clarity and to boost production of collagen & elastin + lymph drainage presor massage
  6. Customised Facial to nourish skin and lock in results +  presor therapy


You see results within days and Overall results lasting for months

Like giving your body workout at the gym, the earlier and more consistently correct skin care is applied, the better and longer lasting the results.


To welcome you to the SKIN FITNESS program Melbourne Laser skin and wellness gives away 3 Sircuit Skin products pack absolutely FREE. Packs include: face wash or cleanser, scrub, day cream


What else is important factor in skin care regime?

No matter what skin type you have you should be using a facial sunscreen. Make sure you apply it on your skin after moisturiser. A sunscreen will protect you against the harmful UV rays and protect you against ageing as well also burning your skin and causing pigmentation… People get scared of having the oily sunscreen feeling on their face but there is sunscreen oil free and designed for the face. MineralPro contains 20% natural micronised zinc oxide which covers from 290 to 380 nm, thus protecting against IVA and UVB spectrum. No other sunscreen ingredients provide broader protection then MineralPro.

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