Lip Injections for younger looking face in Melbourne

Who wants more irresistible lips in minutes?

A flawless full mouth has always been looked at a symbol of sexuality (remember Kim Bassinger in 9 & 1/2 weeks?? how about Angelina Jollie?)

Fuller smoother looking pout is a key contributor to younger looking face. Women and men with plumper lips seem younger and more sensual. In some cultures it is believed those with thicker fuller lips have softer and more kind natures that people with thinner lips.

Collagen is what gives the lips their “body”, fullness and shape but it denatures with the constant sun exposure, smoking and the natural aging process. Loss of collagen results in thinning of lips and more noticeable fine lip lines & smokers lines.

How your lips condition can be improved?

  1. Light exfoliation can be beneficial for resurfacing fine lines, especially when it is coupled with the use of a prescription retinoid like medik8 Retinol
  2. Pretox Filler is a revolutionary new product which helps plump lips and lines/wrinkles around the mouth
  3. For deeper lines, a chemical peel or retinoic peel may be recommended followed by Pretox Filler
  4. Lip enhancement is the injectable dermal filler which increases volume, restores definition to the lip edge and contours lips

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are usually smooth consistency gels made of naturally occurring substance in your skin. The filler instantly restores your skin’s volume and smooths away facial wrinkles around the mouth and folds.

The results are immediate and there is minimal recovery or downtime. Your lips can be enhanced as much as you like (sometimes multiple visits are necessary) or as little as you wish (very natural looking so everyone notices something has changed but noone really knows what)

Injection Techniques

Dermal Filler are injected in differently based on the outcome you’d like to achieve

  1. For a more pronounced mouth & fuller lips dermal filler is injected into the inside of the upper and/or lower lip
  2. To outline the contour of the lip the gel is injected along the lip line/edge
  3. To redefine lip edge, known as the vermillion border it’s injected along the lip line/edge. This also prevents lipstick bleeding into the small lines around the lips
  4. To soften the overall aesthetic appearance of the lip and surrounding area you might need to inject the lip as well as the adjacent areas

Lip Augmentation Treatment

10 simple steps in choosing the right dermal filler Melbourne practitioner

  1. First of all be happy with the consultation
  2. Feel comfortable with the level of knowledge and professionalism of the practitioner and get all your questions are answered
  3. Base your decision on your gut feeling and never go against it – you’ll know when it’s right
  4. Ensure the practitioner is a doctor and not a nurse – the new Australian legislation states that a dermal filler is a presciption drug which can only be prescribed by a doctor
  5. Chose the doctor who is genuine and patient. Stay away from pushy practitioners
  6. Question the origin of the product, particularly if it’s cheap. Where did it come from? if it’s been around for 6 months how can it be proven and tested?
  7. As a rule, those with smaller features should concentrate on plumping up the border of the lips – don’t get carried away with sheer volume, you’ll look funny
  8. Chose an expert – whatever you do, ensure your lips are in the right hands – there is no better way to get luscious, plump lips than to go to an expert
  9. Select a doctor who truly cares about the wellbeing of his/her patient. For example, our expert doctors offer a 2 week follow-up appointment which is bulk billed
  10. Don’t go overboard – leave the clinic with a subtle and natural look, wear it for a few weeks, get used to it – you can always add a little more later

What is your daily lips routine?

  • Keep your lips and skin youthful
  • Always apply lip balms and sunscreens with an SPF of 15 or more
  • Avoid licking your lips because the saliva actually eats away that precious thin skin layer we have on our lips, making the lips drier
  • Gently exfoliate your lips once or twice a month
  • Moisturize your lips with quality moisturisers
  • Help build volume in your lips by applying Pretox Filler twice a day – it also help dermal fillers last a lot longer
  • Stay away from petrochemicals. Petrochemicals are found in many lip products. They are occlusives which act like a protective insoluble layer. This means while it’s on your lips, your lips are protected from drying out. But without the product, your lips are vulnerable and they might feel drier than ever so you are on the constant cycle.


Add a dash of lip gloss this summer. Many thick lip glosses give lips an extra body thanks to the sheer amount of product that gets slapped on. As a bonus, the brilliant shine attracts the light to simulate some added dimension and ensuring a fuller looking pout.

So be sure to grab all the attention you deserve with this spring special:
Get bonus “Lips palette” when you volumize 
your lips with a luscious dermal fillers

2 Responses so far.

  1. Anna Kalionis says:

    I am interested in dermal filler for the smoker’s lines around my lips. Can you give me an indication of the cost please? Many thanks

  2. LSW says:

    The first step is simply booking your dermal filler consultation. Here the doctor will discuss what is a realistic and achievable outcome and what to expect from your treatment. At the end of the consultation, if you’re satisfied, you can go ahead with the procedure. The cost of treatment depends on the number of syringes used. The consultation is bulk billed.

    Dermal fillers prices vary between $600 and $1400, depending on:
    • the brand of filler used
    • length of time it will last (6 months – 5+years) and
    • the size of syringe which also varies from 0.8ml and 2ml

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