Nothing to loose but your FAT

Do you have an area of excess fat on
your hips, thighs or abdomen that
you just can’t seem to shift,
even with diet and exercise?

A healthy lifestyle alone does not always give you the body shape you want. Even with diet and exercise, problem areas such as the abdomen, flanks (love handles), and outer thighs (saddle bags), may remain unchanged for years because weight loss does not target a specific area of your body. No wonder so many people are unhappy about their figures.

Did you try ultrasound, radio frequency and laser treatments for body contouring? And it seems that fat is not going or even worse – goes and comes back.

Fat cells are dispersed unevenly throughout the body, and their distribution differs from person to person. Some people have a greater number of fat cells around the waist and hips, while others have more fat deposits around their thighs. This is why body shapes vary so much and why so many people can gain weight in “all the wrong places”.

MesoSlim Body Contouring changes our body contours by reducing the number of fat cells in a problem area. It specifically

targets fat deposits directly and works on cellular level

Some facts about MesoSlim Body Contouring treatments:

  • treatment last about an hour, each session consists of several and starts with a gentle mini peel of the area to remove hardened skin cells for better and easier penetration of compound
  • typically, results are visible just after one session but it is recommended that you complete a series of 3-12 sessions to achieve truly dramatic results
  • there are some contraindications (eg pregnancy) which are usually revealed at a comprehensive consultation prior to the treatment
  • treatments are completely safe with no known side effects, no risks and no down time
  • benefits of slimming sessions can be measured immediately, after each session. Fat comes off and stays off indefinitely, providing you do not change your eating habits (eg don’t start eating a ton of ice-cream each day and results wont go away!)

Development of a customised body contouring treatment course and inclusion of various treatment modalities to match your specific goals is the preferred approach of our clinic. This enables you get rid of fat and cellulite faster.

Synergy approach of enhancing one therapy with another and multiplying each other’s effects is achieved by combining therapies.

For example, addition of Presor Therapy to the treatment plan helps evacuate toxins and excess fluid and drain your lymphatic system.

Adding fat burning anti-cellulite concentrate to each Presor session will speed up fat reduction and skin toning process.

Don’t let cellulite hold you back! In just a few weeks you could be wearing those sexy dresses and skirts, without feeling so self conscious!

I testedĀ MesoSlim.
It truly works!

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