Skin care for Men – good marketing or real thing?

Men are becoming more and more aware of cosmetics and skin care and are using them on a daily basis.  Therefore beauty product companies have come up with numerous products which cater to men.

My question is “Are Men are becoming the new target of major skin care companies?”

I also tried to find answers on the following questions:

What are the principles behind these skin care ranges that are targeted to men?

Do they have any actives in them and if they do how can the same range be suitable to so many different men out there?

Can these products achieve actual changes in your skin?

Laser, Skin and wellness clinic doesn’t differentiate skin treatments and skin care products by gender.

 Before investing in men skin care range consider

  • Skin care regime. Usually needs to be prescribed individually. Especially if you want to see changes in your skin.
  • Skin conditions.  Vary from simply tired and dull looking to wrinkly saggy etc skin
  • Skin types. Also vary from thick to thin, dry to dehydrated to oily to combination to sensitive etc
  • Skin problem.  That you are facing could be different to your mates’ skin problems eg pigmentation, spots, breakouts, enlarged pores, capillaries etc

As always complimentary skin analysis and consultations are available at Melbourne Facials and Laser, Skin & Wellness Clinic by calling 03 9530 9800

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