Reduce Fat and Cellulite in Melbourne

Believe it or not there is actually a number of ways to fight cellulite and unwanted fat in Melbourne.

There’s laser & ultrasound technologies, radio frequency, vacuum massage therapies.

There is also electroporation (also known as mesoporation or virtual needle mesotherapy).

While laser and ultrasound are proving to be effective, usually laser hurts a lot and most people are not really into pain; while ultrasound can be plain dangerous eg. It penetrates deeply and gets absorbed by all soft tissue including your ovaries, uterus etc. so you really want someone with exceptional skills!!

Vacuum massage therapies are okay but so far not as effective as a lot of people thought originally.

The principle of electroporation is infusion of highly active ingredients within (usually patented) formulations deep into the fat tissue (hypodermis), approximately 6cm (!!!) and getting these specially made compounds work on your fat cells directly. Fat cells are broken down and are removed via the natural pathways such as your gut and lymph system.

Amazingly, the results are usually evident just after one session and most people are very happy after a course of only 6-7 treatments.

Add some physical activities and better your food intake to achieve even quicker results. But it works even on its own!!

Results really do speak for themselves

Feel free to research it. You will not be disappointed!

By the way not many creams and gels are designed to promote cellulite removal as well as improve the appearance of your skin.  A good cellulite product can help smooth, firm plus moisturize your skin.

Our preference Body Contouring cream and Cellulite Reducing Gel

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