Skeyndor VITAMIN C – Anti-ageing cream

We can’t stop time… Inevitably, we are all age

Facial expression lines appear due to loss and breakdown of collagen in the skin as well as exposure to harmful environmental elements such as the UV light, pollution, and even stress.

When shopping for an anti-aging product search for one that is designed to penetrate into dermal as well as epidermal regions of the skin. This means that product will be absorbed deeply into the skin so it is able to energise, heal and feed skin’s cells in all the areas including the ones where wrinkles show up on the skin’s surface.

Skeyndor Nikkol VC-IP developed compounds that can neutralize free radicals called ‘antioxidants’. Because free vitamin C is very unstable and quickly oxidizes, Skeyndor used more stable vitamin C derivatives for use in this highly moisturising cosmetic cream.

Skeyndor Nikkol VC-IP supported studies claim that is very effective for the following applications:

  • Anti-Aging  – Smoothes and restores firmness of skin, preserves its elasticity and tone
  • Sun-Stressed Skin – Protects your skin against photo aging
  • Skin exposed to air pollution – Protects against free radicals from polluted environment

We tested Skeyndor VITAMIN-C SHOCK TREATMENT and loved it

It comes in a kit that contains three vials (enough for 30 days). A stable form of Vitamin C is mixed within the vial just before the first application so the formulation is as active as possible. The vial stays active for 10 days.

Application is recommended day and night. It’s thin moisturising texture is non-greasy and is very quickly absorbed into the skin. Skin keeps moisture for hours after application. It’s also fantastic under makeup for day use.

Try and tell us how antioxidant power of Nikkol VC-IP fixed your skin.

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