How to choose Good Skin Care for Your Skin Type

The market is completely saturated with thousands of skin care ranges. There are magic serums, moisturising creams, anti-aging lotions and potions. Every skin care manufacturer claims that their product is the best and the most effective available.

So how does one decide if a product is worth buying or not? What makes a good anti-wrinkle cream? Why some creams are better than others? And who says what’s best for your skin anyway?

To answer these questions, you must first know what is the specific skin condition you are trying to resolve.

  • Is it ACNE?
  • Is it dehydration of skin?
  • Perhaps it’s the lines and other signs of premature ageing?
  • What causes wrinkles on your skin in the first place?

Getting right to the root of the problem and finding out where it all starts is always a key to correct skin care recommendations and customised skin care regime.

Laser Skin and Wellness Clinic Melbourne staff guarantees that good quality creams have to have top of the range ingredients in it.

These high potency, quality ingredients (often referred to as key ingredients in a product) are mixed in a very specific definite proportion to ensure sustainability and activity of a formula.

If a product is not formulated correctly, it may be completely useless or even worse it may cause side effects by producing rashes and other impurities on your skin.


For a skin care range to be truly effective it has to be in a form that will penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Very often, molecules of ingredients are too large to penetrate the skin’s barrier.

Another problem is that some skin care products are too creamy or oily and can clog up your pores, leading to other skin problems and preventing easy camouflage with make-up.

 Research of key ingredients reveals the following active skin care ingredients:

  • Skin Hydrators – usually in the form of light, yet effective moisturising agents
  • Antioxidants or Vitamins: eg vitamin A (retinol) – an effective anti-ageing, anti-pigmentation, cell-stimulation ingredient; vitamin C – a great brightening, lightening agent etc
  • Hydroxy Acids – exfoliants to remove the uppermost layer of the skin, shedding dead, dull cells, also encourage new skin growth
  • Sun block – even when you don’t plan to enter the sun directly
  • Coenzyme Q10 – a powerful topical antioxidant
  • Fruits extracts and Herbal extracts – potent antioxidant and free radical scavengers

 Click for more on ingredients and “How to choose skin care products

Creams containing more than two of the ingredients give above are almost guaranteed to have an effect on your skin (providing the high potency, pure, stable forms are used).

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