Tired using different skin products in the morning to those at night?
February 4, 2014 clinic

Skeptical about splashing out on a “day” and “night” cream?

According to many research studies there are major differences in how skin functions in day and at night. To get the maximum benefits, skin needs specific nutrition in order to regenerate properly while we sleep.

In the day, skin’s main function is to protect and you need to help it with its job. How?

  1. Feed it some antioxidants and “protective” vitamins.
  2. Never exfoliate in the mornings.
  3. More sebum is produced at 12pm – 5pm when the sun is at its peak, so a great day moisturiser with sun protection is crucial.

Work with your skin to protect the cells from all the environmental bombardment and your skin will thank you for it.

Overnight, skin’s biological processes are completely different. This is the magic time for your skin’s natural cellular renewal processes. Like the rest of your body skin regenerates at night. Assist your skin by choosing the right materials to rebuild and repair your skin cells.

Opt for the right ingredients to accelerate healing and renewing mechanisms of your skin and you will literally see the difference in it overnight!



Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there at some point of our lives:

  1. Too many products to chose from (yes, we all overbuy here ‘n there)
  2. Feeling “lost in the jungle of ingredients” because someone said…
  3. Doubling up on ingredients which may be causing skin irritation
  4. Impulse purchased a well marketed skincare scam


Do you feel it’s time for your very own Skincare Decoding session?

We give you an hour of our expert time to demystify it all. The charge for this service is only $60 and it’s taken off the cost of any future treatment/purchase. You’ll just need to BYO your “box of goodies” and the list of your “skin concerns” to your appointment

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