Ingredients to avoid in your skincare

Do you know that some studies claim that on average a
woman absorbs 14kg of moisturizing ingredients into her bloodstream over 60 years of using skin care products?


This means making healthy choices about skin care and cosmetic products is equally as important as the choices we make about the food we eat.

Some key points when selecting skin care for your skin

  1. Always read and try to understand skin care products labels
  2. Cheap ingredients are often harsh and pore-clogging
  3. Ingredients are listed on product labels in order of quantity, so if you cannot avoid products containing bad ingredients, try to find products that list such ingredients near the end of the label


In a nutshell:

  • AVOID anything containing ingredients with the following abbreviations: PEG..PPG..MEA..DEA..TEA.. DEA..BHA..BHT 
  •  AVOID anything containing an ingredient that ends with one of these suffixes: oxynal..ethicone..sorbate 
  •  AVOID synthetic alcohols that include the following in the ingredient name: benzyl..butyl..propyl..isopropyl.. myristyl..
  •  AVOID artificial colours: D&C..FD&C 
  •  AVOID ingredients that may contain carcinogenic PAH contaminants: mineral oil..petrolatum..petroleumjelly..paraffin
  •  AVOID ethoxylated ingredients that may also contain carcinogenic contaminants, usually denoted by ending in:  eth
  •  AVOID artificial fragrances: fragrance..perfume..parfum  Fragrances should only be accepted if specifically denoted as natural, as these are almost invariably synthetic cocktails


What about Laser, skin and wellness? 

We test, review and offer only skin care products that can make a positive difference and makeup with minimal ingredients.

We believe that active ingredients used in the formulation are of the most importance. Customised skin care is a key to beautiful, glowing skin.

All products and treatments offered in skin clinic confirm criteria set for Skin Health and Skin Harm

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2 Responses so far.

  1. a good skin care regimen always employ natural moisturizers and topical vitamins _

  2. LSW says:

    Yes, I completely agree with this statement. It’s a matter of knowing where to source your high quality your skincare in Melbourne, as well as the topical vitamins. Injested supplementation can also be recommended, depending on the skin’s and its barrier functions condition

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