War on wrinkles. Best antiaging treatments



There are many factors that encourage the wrinkling process. Environmental factors and lifestyle choices are mainly to blame (story of our lives…). Lets take a closer look at the TOP 4 CAUSES:

  1. SUN EXPOSURE – Listed as the number one reason for the skin aging, it breaks down the collagen and elastin fibers, damages cellular DNA, depletes the skin of antioxidants necessary for collagen production and skin repair and lowers the immunity functions of the skin. So physical (not chemical) sun block is a must all year round!
  2. ANTIOOXIDANT DEFICIT in our diets. Beta-carotene, Lycopene and Vitamins A, E and C are antioxidants that can be found in vegetables, fruit, nuts and oils. They help fight free radicals, resulting in better protection for the body and skin. Antioxidant ingredients can also be beneficial to the skin when applied topically (We’re talking serums and creams).
  3. SMOKING – Doesn’t just destroy lungs, it causes break down of collagen and elastin fibers and slows new collagen production resulting in wrinkles production. It also causes a narrowing of the blood vessels in the skin leading to slower delivery of vital oxygen and nutrients to the skin
  4. SUGAR – this must surprise you but sugar is one of the worst ingrediets in your diet for the health of your skin. Sugar in the bloodstream attaches to proteins which form harmful molecules and cause advanced glycation end products. The collagen and elastin which make up the firmness and elasticity of the skin are damaged by these AGE’s and the result over time is more wrinkles, sagging skin, particularly after the age of 35. If you eliminate sugars in your diet it’ll slow down this process rapidly



As we age, skin cells division rate slows down and our dermis begins to thin. The network of collagen and elastin fibers begin to loosen as the collagen and elastin production slows down. Oil secreting sebaceous glands enlarge yet become less efficient in lubricating the skin leaving it looking more dry and dull which in turn enhances the lines and wrinkles appear on our skin. Any new lines that are made become pronounced faster and the old lines get deeper as the skin becomes more “paper-like” and less “rubber-like”.



Unfortunately, collagen can’t be added to the skin from the outside. (Yeah, forget topical collagen creams – they wont work). This important protein has to be made by your skin’s own special cells (called fybroblast cells). You can turn on your collagen producing cells in different ways. By in-clinic treatments and by home-use products. Professional in house treatments will stimulate production of collagen in a much faster way but home products will enhance and support the results of treatments.  Synergetic approach works best of course but not everyone has the funds and time to invest. So, here are our top tips – so you can make the most out of your time and dollar to switch on collagen synthesis! These are listed in no particular order.


TOP 4  treatments:

  1. IPL SKIN REJUVENATION The heat energy stimulates new collagen production beneath the skin surface which remodels the collagen, firms the skin and shrinks the pores. After a series of photo rejuvenation treatments at intervals of 4 weeks apart a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles can also be seen.
  2. SKIN NEEDLING It works by puncturing the skin with multiple fine needles. This sends the skin into a wound healing state, stimulates all of the growth factors, collagen and elastin production and a chain other beneficial reparative reactions. This results in general improvements of skin’s condition, including wrinkles and helps to lift up any ‘indented’ scars
  3. MESO ECLAT The mesoéclat improves the overall appearance and elasticity of the skin while protecting against free radical damage and strengthening the structure of the skin by stimulating collagen production. Treatment delivers immediate response and long lasting cumulative results.
  4. CUSTOMISED MEDI-PEELS Chemical peels are a safe and non-invasive treatment for smoothing, re-texturing and clarifying your skin. They have active ingredients that penetrate to a cellular level, improving the health of the skin. Chemical peels also stimulate your fibroblasts which help with the production of collagen and elastin.


TOP 4 ingredients:

  1. HOME SKIN NEEDLING ROLLER – Home rolling is an effective way to help with aging. Rolling your skin 2-3 times a week will improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Causing a controlled trauma to the skin will force your body to produce collagen into the wounds, also allowing your active serums to penetrate deeper.
  2. VITAMIN C – Skin can absorb up to 24-25% of topical vitamin C (which is why our minimum is 18%) Vitamin C not only coats your skin cells for protection from the free radicals produced by sun exposure and environmental stressors, it also helps stimulate collagen renewal to fight wrinkles and reverse the signs of sun damage on your skin. Beware of unstable formulations though!
  3. RETINOIDS – These come in several forms and strengths and can also be known as Retin-A, Retinols or Vitamin A. An undisputed king of anti-ageing – if you correctly select the formula you will repair skin cells and speed up the cellular turnover to help fade sunspots, and build collagen.  Ensure that you chose compound that is appropriate to your skin, age and requirements and check with your skin care professional on how to use it the right way. Many products require a slow start with an application of only once or twice a week, building it up to daily (rather nightly) use.
  4. PEPTIDES – The little guys talk directly to skin’s receptors and contain long chains of amino acids. Highly absorbable peptide serums help to repair and boost collagen regrowth, which in turn firms the skin. Especially important for crow’s feet wrinkles and wrinkles around your eyes.



Because sometimes these wonderful collagen building skin care ingredients can be irritating and tricky to use, you need to understand how to best use them for your skin. They each have pros and cons that you need to understand in order to choose the one that’s right for you. It is best to consult your skin care professional to help you build the skin care routine to support your cells as they adjust to these powerful wrinkle fighting products. Serums are a wonderful to build a support base for anti-wrinkle creams. Let’s check out the top 4 serums and top 4 creams that will enhance one another’s actions and help in the anti wrinkle fight




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