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Will discounted Anti-wrinkle injections be sold in Melbourne Myer?

Giant retailer Myer plans to roll out Injectables services into Myer’s Sydney and Melbourne stores. This new aesthetic service is aimed to generate more traffic inside the stores. Why do you think IPL Laser hair removal segment did not work at Myer and David Jones stores?

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Can anti-wrinkle injections help asthma sufferers?

The question I’m going to ask today is what anti-wrinkle injections and asthma have in common? Injections treatments may help with the condition as paralysis of some parts of airways may be useful in letting more air through.

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Anti-wrinkle injection for children? Can it happen in Melbourne?

I strongly disagree with children pageants, baby contest and all the superficial competitions aimed at giving children a complex about their appearance or having children becoming self-absorbed teenagers/adults thinking all they need to do is ‘look pretty’ to get by.

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