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How to prevent Hand Aging?

The skin on our hands is thin and is exposed to outside elements and free radicals more than the skin on our face! The absolute best way to take care of our hands is so simple and you might not even know you are doing it…

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The Scoop on Laser and Laser technology

The variety of different light colours, light sources, names of lasers and IPLs are overwhelming and can be extremely confusing. In consideration of a laser vs IPL treatment, it is important to be aware of the type of equipment required for your condition and skin type.

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How to make a choice of the right Laser Hair Removal equipment for your skin?

Choosing laser hair removal clinic shouls start with finding out all about the equipment used and practitioners’ skill set. Even if the clinic is part of a franchise groups, please do your homework! It is essential for beauty, safety, results and your piece of mind.

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