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Cellulite reduction Home Products

One of the most popular way of reducing cellulite is targeting it topically with specifically formulated anti cellulite creams and lotions. Do they actually work? Not all of them of course.. but recently we were able to source one and get our hands on a 28-day “cellulite reduction trial”. Skeyndor Body Slindy Contouring combined western and eastern developments in dermocosmetics in Cellulite reducing gel and Shaping Emulsion.

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Detoxify naturally in Melbourne with detox foot spa

Dr Detox Foot Spa is a non-invasive therapy, which re-energises the body and helps support the body to detoxify naturally, helping restore your natural equilibrium and well being. Ask about special Detox Packages including Foot Spa and Pressor Therapy.

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Toxins and Detox Foot Spa

If you feel sluggish, stressed, hungover or unhappy about your health or appearance then you are probably suffering from some degree of toxin overload.

Foot Spa Detox therapy creates a flow of electrons, which imparts a bio-energetic field into water, this travels through the body via the feet, stimulating circulation. This regulates both the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and aids the proper excretion of waste products (toxins) out of the body. The body is therefore more likely to be healthy, allowing it to restore the natural healing energy levels.

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