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Body Contouring at Home

Up to date we still don’t know exactly the extent poor microcirculation has on the appearance of cellulite. But what we do know is “cellulite epidemic” is on the rapid increase and usually develops into a chronic condition.

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Cellulite reduction Home Products

One of the most popular way of reducing cellulite is targeting it topically with specifically formulated anti cellulite creams and lotions. Do they actually work? Not all of them of course.. but recently we were able to source one and get our hands on a 28-day “cellulite reduction trial”. Skeyndor Body Slindy Contouring combined western and eastern developments in dermocosmetics in Cellulite reducing gel and Shaping Emulsion.

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Beautiful, clear skin is achievable for anyone

You will get the maximum benefit when professional treatments are combined with correctly prescribed home care.

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