Toxins and Detox Foot Spa

Today we are exposed to the record toxic load in the history of our planet. Pollutants and toxins, natural and synthetic exist in our air, water, food, the clothes we wear and the cleaners we use.

British Medical Journal reported that at least 75% of Cancers are caused by environmental and lifestyle factors. Heavy Metals and chemical toxins weaken the immune system and cause increased vulnerability to virus, bacterial fungal and parasitic infections.

Every person’s body has its own electrical impulses that systematically flow within the body. In a healthy person the electro magnetic energy flow goes uninterrupted. However, as toxicity, injury and illness transpire the electrical flow can be slowed, rerouted or even stopped as this starts to happen the person starts to feel sluggish, even sick.

The Detox Foot Spa Treatments can significantly assist the body in removal of harmful toxins. Used in combination with a healthy, low-stress lifestyle, Detox Foot Spa Treatments can improve your chances for long term wellness.

Also we think it is important to understand that the change in water colour in the Detox Spa is not the key factor. The colour change is simply a reaction between the water, salt and metal. When the water is energised it ejects tiny particles, which become visually observable in the water and tend to make it look dirty and brown.

The actual detox process starts and takes place over the 24-72 hour period after the Detox Foot Spa Session. Your body naturally detox itself through its natural elimination systems.

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Don’t say it doesn’t do anything if you never tried detox foot spa yourself.

You welcome to share your experience with us.

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