Healing powers of massage

Many studies have been conducted to understand what effects massage therapy has on patients, how it has those effects, and why. Some aspects of this are better understood than others.

For example, it is known that:

  • When certain forces are applied to the muscles, changes occur in the muscles (although those changes are not clearly understood or agreed upon).
  • Massage therapy typically enhances relaxation and reduces stress. Stress makes some diseases and conditions worse.

Other healing powers of massage still under investigation eg

  • Touching stimulation may help block pain signals sent to the brain (the “gate control theory” of pain reduction).
  • Shifting the patient’s nervous system away from the sympathetic and toward the parasympathetic. The sympathetic nervous system helps mobilize the body for action. When a person is under stress, it produces the fight-or-flight response (the heart rate and breathing rate go up, for example; the blood vessels narrow; and muscles tighten). The parasympatheticnervous system creates what some call the “rest and digest” response (the heart rate and breathing rate slow down, for example; the blood vessels dilate; and activity increases in many parts of the digestive tract).
  • Stimulation the release of certain chemicals in the body, such as serotonin or endorphins.
  • Beneficial mechanical changes in the body–for example, by preventing fibrosis (the formation of scar-like tissue) or increasing the flow of lymph (a fluid that travels through the body’s lymphatic system and carries cells that help fight disease).
  • Improving sleep, which has a role in pain and healing.
  • Cellulite reduction that are present on the larger areas of the body such as buttocks, thighs and abdomen. If the massage is performed in ideal way, it will help dissolving the fatty tissues beneath the skin that bring-up the cellulite symptoms. Cellulite massage involves some specially made creams and gel
  • Providing some health benefit from the interaction between therapist and patient.

The question is Why People Use Massage Therapy

We found survey results:

  • 60 percent believed that massage combined with conventional medicine would help
  • 44 percent thought massage would be interesting to try
  • 34 percent believed that conventional medical treatments would not help
  • 33 percent massage was suggested by a conventional medical professional
  • 13 percent thought that conventional medicine was too expensive

Tell us what are your reasons ?…

What would most people say is the
greatest benefit of massage?

Answer – Stress disappears

Continual stress on a daily basis is a contributing factor to almost all illnesses of the body and mind that we know. The stress response begins with mental/emotional responses and progress to physical sensations. Sometimes it starts with physical symptoms and end up causing mental and emotional changes.

The stress cycle then continues indefinably, mind affecting body and body affecting mind. To stop the stress we must interrupt the cycle. Massage interrupts the stress response by changing thoughts, feelings, and physiology, which in turns contributes to all aspect of health.

The patterns in our energy field are associated with the transformation of the body, mind and spirit. Certain pattens in the human energy field suggest a time when intervention may be most healing.

When we feel confused or frustrated, it is important to be around vibrations that affect you in a positive, desired way. With just a little input of energy, a disturbance is created that helps us dance to a new, higher level.

This input can be many things, including HEALING MASSAGE.

Healing massage helps human body vibrating in harmony for most efficient functioning.

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