Can anti-wrinkle injections help asthma sufferers?

The question I’m going to ask today is what Anti-wrinkle injections and asthma have in common?

You’ll probably be “nothing” and it was right, until last week.

In the war against facial wrinkles anti-wrinkle injections diminish communication between the brain and facial muscles. The movement of muscles is temporarily stopped. The improvement in the appearance of the skin and reduction of lines and wrinkles is dramatic.

Asthma is a medical condition, an inflammatory disease of the airways which causes reversible airflow obstruction, and spasms.

It is now thought that muscle relaxing injection treatments may help with the condition as paralysis of some parts of airways may be useful in letting more air through. This is the hypothesis put forth by Professor Philip Bardin of Australia’s Monash Medical Centre.

Where you think research conducted?

Melbourne’s Monash University started the trial will attempt to determine if “voice-box” asthma can be helped with the drug.

60 asthma sufferers are taking part in the trial test, which has been introduced after finding that people with asthma suffer with voice box problems, as well as lung problems. 30 of whom will get anti-wrinkle injections and the rest a placebo.

Anti-wrinkle injections Melbourne trials are set to last a year, and researchers say that it won’t cure asthma, but may help improve the quality of life for asthma sufferers. It will help them to live with an illness that disables them.

Speaking to the International Business Times Professor Phil Bardin of the trial states: “We don’t think this will cure these asthmatics but it will help them to live better with asthma.”

In some forms of asthma, not only is air flow restricted within the lungs, but the vocal cords also spasm and prevent air from flowing freely through them. Bardin said the phenomenon was “like breathing through a straw,” as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald.

“The risk of the treatment would be that people get this softer voice than what they usually would have had but that’s temporary because once the treatment wears off it returns to normal.’‘

Some interesting Testimonials were also published. Like Noble Park resident Danny Ryan, 68, said the trial could allow him to play with his grandchildren without reaching for his medication.

“I’ve tried puffers, I’ve tried tablets and I’ve been doing voice training for three months but that sort of plateaued,’’ Mr Ryan said.

“I can’t sit down at a movie and roar with laughter because I’d have to leave from coughing.’‘

The injection itself is done with a very thin needle and it’s not a traumatic procedure or something that even needs a local anaesthetic.

The team of surgeons and neurologists is hoping just one injection, wearing off within a few weeks, will be all that is required to get results.

Why so much asthma research done in Melbourne?

Over 2 million Australians have currently doctor diagnosed asthma. That’s one in nine Australian children and one in ten adults in our community who have asthma. In Victoria alone there are over 600,000 people with asthma. The prevalence of asthma in Australia is high by international standards.

It has been approved use for cosmetic purposes and it has since become widely used to reduce wrinkles and facial frown lines. Its medical uses included treatment of muscular pain disorders.

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