What you can achieve with Presor Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy?


Many of our patients ask what the benefits of Presor Lymphatic massage are.

In short we observed the following significant points

  • Enhance the quality of the skin and reduce appearance of cellulite by increasing of lymph flow and toxic waste elimination. When the lymph is flowing as it should, cells are bathed in the fresh fluid. This will help make skin feel and look more alive.
  • Rehab after sports injuries and after cancer cases. Clear the tissue of debris and reduce minor oedema that can occur after deep tissue massage. Enhance tissue regeneration process by keeping the tissue as healthy as possible.
  • Presor Massage Therapy is especially useful for those who seem to suffer regularly from common colds and flu and those who lead sedentary lifestyles. Fantastic and irreplaceable aid for puffiness, swelling and water retention reduction, especially in lower extremities.

Presor Lymphatic drainage massage therapy and manual massage technique are both available in our Melbourne Chadstone clinic.

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