Slimming Green Coffee – Get YOUR body in shape for Melbourne summer

Our Melbourne Chadstone clinic has just welcomed a new additional great item for Slimming and Cellulite Therapy.

Slimming Green Coffee is a new drink that comprises of green coffee beans, which helps to reduce the absorption of sugar from food. In turn, the number of calories taken up by the body is dramatically reduced so your body is forced to look at other sources for energy. The most obvious source is your own fat, stored in various parts of your body.

This principle is a proved one (see medical research in Journal of International Medical Research, 2007) to help people reduce weight.

The slimming coffee formulation also has a number of herbs added to it to control your carbohydrate and sugar cravings. It makes you full, reducing the amount of food you will eat in a day. It makes you feel thirsty, so you increase you fluid intake. And because a lot of people cant tell the difference between thirst and hunger (and usually start eating instead of drinking water when they’re thirsty) the slimming green coffee actually creates a bit of a dry feeling in your mouth – this way you definitely know you need some fluids!

 Slimming Green Coffee is made from organic, top-quality green coffee beans, which means it can be easily fit into your daily schedule, substituting for your mid-morning cup of coffee. Clinical studies on taking Green Coffee over eight weeks at one cup per day have shown:


  • A decrease in weight by nearly 10%
  • An increase in the proportion of muscle to fat ratio of 8%
  • A decrease in the Body Mass index of nearly 8%
  • All without changing their diet


Slimming Green Coffee

Melbourne secret weapon for your weight loss

and Tastes Great Too!

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