Weight loss dream solution

After “Today Tonight” episode we had a number of enquires from our clients asking questions and willing to get their hands on the latest weight loss “SPRAY-N-LOSE” solution.

We did some digging and decided to prepare a little summary for those of you who is looking for the latest, fastest, quick-fix to weight loss solution (and let’s face it – many of us are in this category!):

  1. In a nutshell,  the active formulation is delivered directly into your mouth. According to research conducted in the highly respected USA physicians Desk Reference, intra oral works 9 times faster than pills (due to direct contact and easiness of penetration through mucous membrane). This is because pills contains binding agents and have to break down in the stomach once digested. Intra oral solutions are absorbed immediately into the blood stream through capillaries on the tongue.
    Working up to 9 times faster than pills ensures the potent formulation sets about suppressing the appetite almost immediately, before hunger signals can be sent to the brain
  2. So, the formulation works by sending a message to the brain that you are not hungry. It also has a positive safety effect on your sense of taste and smell, which controls appetite. The way that smells controls was the basis of research that lead to the Noble Prize for Medicine in 2004.
  3. In the actual fact, the ingredients of solution have been independently and separately studied and researched for over 30 years by leading universities and scientific research facilities worldwide. They claim that product is totally safe for long term human consumption, with no side effects.
  4. Slimming solution does not speed up or affect the central nervous system as some slimming products are known to do. It is safe and gentle on the system.
  5. Many trial participants report losing over one kilo a day, and over 7 kilos in the first week. There was no evidence of the yo-yo rebound affect as people may experience with other weight loss methods.
  6. It’s easy to take too! It must be used 2-3 times a day, or whenever you feel hungry or you are tempted to snack between meals.

In conclusion,

  • Slimming solution is fast and effective yet gentle on the body.
  • It works for both men and women.
  • There are no preparations.

Combine it with your favorite MesoSlim/ MesoFirm sessions to tone and tighten the skin muscles and underlying tissue to prevent fat bulges that create cellulite.


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2 Responses so far.

  1. mikaela says:

    just wondering how long a 50ml bottle would last taking it 3 times a day

  2. LSW says:

    Slimming spray 50ml should last at least for a month. Extremely affordable weight loss formula

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