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Michael Rozenfeld is Musculoskeletal Therapist with Diploma in Bowen Technique and certificates in Emmett Technique, Dorn Method and Scheussler Tissue Salts.

Michael helps with balancing the body in all three levels: physical, energetic and as a result mental.

Any muscular pains and discomforts may be resolved like back or neck pain, misalignment of the jaw, strained ankle or knee, sport or recreational injuries of hamstring, tennis elbow, sore feet or wrists and many, many more. The applications used are gentle, non invasive, medications free and suitable for any age from toddlers to older.

 Bowen Therapy works on the unique structure in the body called connective tissue. These connective tissue fibres, through injury, illness, stress (both physical or emotional) become “dehydrated” or “glued” causing imbalances to occur in the normal functioning of the body.

In applying the Bowen Move, the therapy works to release the “glued” or “stuck” connective tissue fibres in the body allowing them to re-hydrate naturally as connective tissue has the capacity to transform from a glued state to a more fluid state. Blockages are freed. Reconnections are made. From the first move, the body is sent a message that the emergency is over.

Bowen therapy naturally brings about the best rate of healing based on the individual’s own body resources and their level of injury. Over the last 45 years, it has successfully helped thousands of people suffering from a wide variety of conditions.

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